Cyberbullying invents new bullying avenue

By: Sarah Benich of Lakeview High School and Abbey Partika of Lowellville High School

Unlike the stereotypical “give me your lunch money” bullying of past generations, the methods of modern-day bullying have evolved due to popular social networking sites.  Today’s bullies have moved from boys in the schoolyard to teenage on the computer screen.

“Today [cyber bullying is] a lot more serious,” said Lakeview High School student Austin Haines.

Whether in the form of rude comments or rumors approximately 43% of teens have experienced cyber bullying in the last year. One Austintown Fitch High School student said she was “continuously harassed” on Facebook by an unknown man from Texas. Receiving weekly messages full of “profanity, disgusting names and death threats,” she tried to delete the messages as soon as she received them. Unable to stop the incessant flow, she has begun to receive more messages from the man’s new-formed multiple accounts.

Drama over boys was the catalyst for “wars between the 8th grade and junior girls” at Springfield Schools, said Springfield High School students.  What started as verbal disagreements sprung into online groups that let participants join to show their allegiance.

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